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2022 Rule Changes

We have a few updates to our league that we want to pass on.

15/18 Division Update

Our 15/17 division (15/18 from now on) will allow 18 year olds to play. No player may turn 19 years old before the end of the season, which is October 31, 2022 for the Fall 2022 season.

13/14 Division Protect Update

Our 13/14 Division will now have a protected player limit of five (5) players per team. This number is down from eight (8) and will align more with the rest of our league's protect numbers.

Todd Lane Player Pickup Update

All Todd Lane divisions (9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and 15/18 divisions) shall pickup players from their own division.

Pitch Count/Rest Period Update

To better protect the arms of our player pitchers, SBL has updated it policy on daily and weekly pitch count limits. We have also updated our rest period rules and dropped our innings pitched limitations.

See below for updated charts:

Division Maximum Pitches
Per Day
Maximum Pitches
Per Week
9/10 55 90
11/12 65 100
13/14 75 115
15/18 85 125

9/10, 11/12, and 13/14 Divisions
66+ pitches 4 days rest
51-65 pitches 3 days rest
36-50 pitches 2 days rest
21-35 pitches 1 days rest
1-20 pitches No rest required

15/18 Divisions
76+ pitches 4 days rest
61-75 pitches 3 days rest
46-60 pitches 2 days rest
31-45 pitches 1 days rest
1-30 pitches No rest required

Evaluation Draft Procedure Update

For our divisions participating in the player skills evaluations, we have made the following changes to the player draft procedures in an attempt to make the evaluations equitable for all coaches

Evaluation Draft rules

  1. Draft order is based on a team’s number of registered protects. (Example: In a 10 team draft, if there are two teams with one save each, those teams would randomly draw draft order #1 and #2. If three teams have three saves each, those teams would randomly draw for draft order #3, #4, and #5. So on until all teams are in a loaded draft order.

  2. The first two rounds will be draft order picks. Every team picks a player. Once every team has chosen a player, the draft start back at the top with draft order #1 and every team will choose again.

  3. Following the second round, the next order of business is to equalize all teams in terms of number of players. This will take place in the draft order. (Example: If four teams only protect 2 players and the other teams protect 4 then those four teams will select their 3rd and 4th players in draft order until all teams have the same number of players.)

  4. Once all teams have an equal number of player then the draft rounds are in serpentine order, meaning the first full round goes from 1st to Last, the second round goes from Last to 1st, and so on until all players have been picked.

  5. For each division, a maximum number of players will be identified by age per team. This age split will be based upon the number of registrants of each age and coaches will draft according to these limits. (Example: if there are only enough 10s for each team to have four, teams with more than three 10 year olds may only choose 9 year olds until all 9s have been selected)

  6. All players that attend the skill evaluation must be selected before any player in that age division can be selected from the blind draft.




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