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Team Concession Policy


As of the 2020 Spring season, all teams - with the exception of the 3/4 league - are required to staff a set number of concession shifts each season. The schedule will be determined by the SBL Board and published on the Smyrna Baseball League (SBL) website prior to the start of each season.

Having our teams staff a set number of concession shifts each season allows the SBL Board to be more efficient with costs, making it possible for more families to participate in our league. It also encourages our player families to become more involved in the league, get to know other parents and coaches, and build a stronger SBL community.

This means:

  • SBL is no longer requiring all parents or guardians to volunteer for multiple concession shifts or have the option to pay a concession buy out fee per player.

  • Instead, we are asking each team to work among itself to identify four (4) parent or guardian/family volunteers for each assigned shift.

  • The SBL Board will make every effort to evenly distribute the number of shifts across all teams.

  • The Head Coach of each team is responsible for ensuring their team’s assigned shifts are staffed throughout the season with parent or guardian/family volunteers age 16 and older.

For example, if a team is scheduled for two (2) shifts during the regular season, the Head Coach will be responsible for identifying a total of eight (8) volunteers that season - or four (4) volunteers per shift.



  • The team concession schedule will be published on the SBL website at the same time as the team game schedule each season.

  • We encourage you to enroll your parent and guardian/family volunteers in the concession schedule as soon as your team is formed.

  • It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to work with team parents or guardians to identify four (4) parent or guardian/family volunteers for each scheduled shift. Please feel free to manage this in a manner that works best for your team; i.e. during your first team meeting, through your team coordinator, etc.

  • We encourage Head Coaches to identify 1-2 backups for each shift, just in case a parent or guardian/family volunteer is unable to work their concession shift at the last minute.
  • If a team is not able to provide four volunteers for their scheduled concession duty that team will then forfeit their next scheduled game. The game can still be played but it will go down as a forfeit in the books.

To help make this process as easy as possible for you and your team, the SBL Board is committed to the following:

  • Your team will NOT be scheduled to work a concession shift when your team is playing. This way parents and guardians/family members can enjoy the game and cheer on their team.

  • We will publish a complete schedule on the SBL website for the duration of the season.  Head Coaches are expected to be aware of their concession duties.

  • Head Coaches are not responsible for concession training. Every concession shift will have a paid concessions manager to properly train your parent and guardian/family volunteers.

  • Parent and guardian/family volunteers are not expected to cook on the grill. Every concession shift will have a paid grill cook.

  • Head Coaches do NOT need to inform the SBL Board about which parent or guardian/family volunteers are scheduled for your shifts. However, volunteers will sign-in once they arrive for their scheduled shift.



When games are rescheduled due to inclement weather, the volunteer team's concession shift may be rescheduled, as well. The SBL Board will decide on a case by case basis if the concession stands will be open for the rescheduled games, and will inform the volunteer team’s Head Coach with as much notice as possible.



If you have any questions about this policy please reach out to Gregory Creasey, PR Coordinator for Smyrna Baseball League at [email protected] or any other member of the SBL Board.


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